【MAME CHIBI commission open】

※Please keep in mind, English is not my native language.

I will translate English and reply.closed after slots are full.

I draw your original character or pet in a kawaii way.


【this is digital data】

PNG.1000 x 1000


・two different facial expressions

・With or without name text

・Small background

give you a set.

【Payment】:25$ Get up to 30% off $17


・OFUSE : https://ofuse.me/unaki720/letter

・Skeb :https://skeb.jp/@unaki720

【Order form example】

Type: ① or ②

– References: “url address”

– Character facial expression/personality: “two expressions”

– PayPal mail address:

– Other:


【OK】: Human; Humanoid; Kemono; Anthrol. Baiscly any character in anime-ish looking.

【NG】: Futanari & Hyper. If not sure, ask. R18G (slight bloody is okay)

No retakes (but small edits possible!) Up to two retakes)

Product will usually be finished in another 10 days after sketch is confirmed.(If you haven’t received the product in time means there’s some trouble happened by my side. Anyway won’t be longer than one month)

It may take time. as long as you've sent the payment, your slot is ensured, please wait patiently.

Please don't take it personally if your order haven't been accepted.

It is just because my ability is limited, I am not sure that I can fulfill your needs this time.

Use the artwork in every non commercial way.

Use the artwork in every non profitable way.

These commissions are for PERSONAL use only.

I may (or may not) upload the finished illustration to my SNS, or publish it in doujinshi.

Thank you!